Why over-focus on a single career before exploring options? It’s easier to say yes to *this* job or *this* program when you know many opportunities lie within.

Built from public data research for community colleges, these Books, Excel tools, and data sets that quickly reveal many related careers!

//Career ExplorER eBooks & Bundles

A guide for exploring how others changed careers, this printable, searchable PDF lists over 16000 common moves with info about education and wages and links to profiles from O*Net.


An eBook for exploring jobs with the same skills and knowledge. This printable, searchable PDF lists 7700+ most common jobs with key information about education, wages and links national profiles from O*Net.


An eBook for exploring jobs with similar education path. This printable, searchable PDF shows of 3700+ matches from educational paths to occupationswith key data like wages, education level, and links to national profiles from O*Net.


An eBook for exploring jobs with the same or similar skills and knowledge. This printable, searchable PDF has multiple ways to scan the 1100+ options, then immediately look up related jobs, often at varying education levels that includes links to national profiles from O*Net.

Don't see your job? Use the Job Title Surfer first.

Whether considering more education or wonder what you can do now, this kit bundles together all four eBooks.

Each bundle contains:

//CAreer Explorer Tools for Advisors

For Admissions & College Advisors, Employment Coaches, Guidance Counselors…

Macro-based Excel tool uses a few key works to reveal jobs with the same or similar skills, knowledge or education. Triangulator encompasses 7700+ of the most common jobs alongside a 3700+ map of education program areas to occupations and links to national profile from O*Net.

For college advisors and guidance counselors who are focused on educational paths driven by occupational opportunities, this kit bundles together books with the Career-Education Triangulator Excel tool for advisors.

eManuals included:
Career Flow ~ Job Title Surfer ~ Shoreline Career & Education Browser  

//Career Exploration Data Sets For Your Web Site

Attract and retain more students for your programs…

Formatted for the web, the complete set of 1100+ occupations from the O*Net system for easy integration, including links to profiles, into your web pages.


Based on Streamline's web-ready, complete set of 1100+ O*Net occupations, Opportunity Ocean is a phased project that will analyze your offerings and map occupations to your programs. Streamline is included with purchase so that you can get started immediately.

//How do these work?//

Take a deep dive into how the free, public data drives InfoSurf Solutions.