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InfoSurf always let you preview our public data products: Career Advice, eBook Covers and Previews, Licensing, Price Lists, Skills & Occupation Reports

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Previews, Prices & License Info

InfoSurf material is based on government data sets, but has been customized.  Copyright law applies to all InfoSurf products. In particular, unlicensed reproduction of any part of any product is strictly prohibited.

  • For eManuals (PDFs) and eSearchers (Excel):
    • Single-use License: 1 per device or user if shared device, 1 per printing Special Case: first copy of eManual is licensed for both an electronic copy and a printed copy. Past the first licensed copy, one additional license is required per electronic *or* print copy.
    • Beta Tester License In exchange for feedback, early access and 1 digital copy of that release.
    • Contact us for permission to print excerpts.
  • For Universal or Custom Data Sets: licenses are per domain, customization pricing is per data set. Both pieces factor in the total price for using InfoSurf sets.
    • Examples for use of data on domains:
      • 2 domains: https://central.ourschools.edu and https://west.ourschools.edu
      • 1 domain:  www.myschool.edu/central and  www.myschool.edu/west
    • Custom data used on multiple domains will have a price for building the data set and a price for multiple licenses, one for each domain.
Career Exploration eManuals: Web-friendly Occupation Data


All covers are in PDF format with varying orientation and paper size.

An eBook for exploring jobs with the same or similar skills and knowledge. This printable, searchable PDF has multiple ways to scan the 1100+ options, then immediately look up related jobs, often at varying education levels that includes links to national profiles from O*Net.

Don't see your job? Use the Job Title Surfer first.

Download NOW: [Standard]

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