Career Explorer: Surf Options, Then Dive Into Extensive Profiles

You *always* have many options, no matter how much school or experience  you have.

Learn the four steps to use national online career database that helps you find out yours.


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Career Explorer: Understand Education and Wage Reporting

Occupation profiles usually don’t clarify that preferred education level can vary and that wages vary drastically for the same careers.

Learn how to interpret that information.

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Headhunting: Options in Unusual Places


Learn to quickly mine O*Net to more easily match jobs: better matches on candidates or for transitioning people to new jobs or careers.

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The Golden Rule: the Surprising Tale of Motivating a Beleaguered Team

As you read this tale of a manager using the Golden Rule as the guiding principle in running the department, consider what you might do along the way, then find out what really happened.

  • What do you think are the most urgent situations to address?
  • How are you going to get the team to work with you?

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Education Paths In Trades: Physical Fitness Matters

Some of our largest growing job sectors are in areas where significant physical demand is required to do the job – most of the trades, lots of applied sciences, etc. If we look for trends from employers as to the required skills, we see that physical demand is becoming more and more important. As American culture continues to gravitate towards less physical leisure time, we are becoming less and less able to perform physical tasks.

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Information Management is For Every Career

Not just for secretaries, anymore…

What skills were once thought of as “secretarial work”, are now a requirement for all professions, regardless of position. From receptionist to CEO,  the skills taught in office support programs are applicable to every professional job that requires any type of work on the computer. Continue reading

*ot, *orno, and Productivity: a Surprising Tale of Stats

As you read this tale in management (mis?)adventure, consider what you might do along the way, then find out what really happened. The title is *only* the tip of the iceberg and is a powerful case showing how coworker gossip is as toxic as it is incomplete. 

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