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//InfoSurf Consulting, LLC//

What we do: When the information landscape feels like a sea of change, we teach you to navigate. We are information innovators who help you understand your own data or public data for data-driven decision making.

Through short-term engagements, InfoSurf performs statistical analysis and management training using your in-house systems so that data analytics becomes a part of how you do business.

//Who HAS benefited from OUR custom Services//

Your Problem: You and your students have a few minutes to queue through career options. If someone has time, fabulous tools from the likes of Burning Glass, Focus 2, EMSI, or O*Net can take deep dives into interests, skills, and education. Usually, though, that luxury of time is not when anyone is meeting with you.

Our Solution: InfoSurf's Options-based Career Explorers are low cost eBooks and Excel-based eSearchers. These tools provide easy, fast, expansive scans over sets of related jobs that have overlapping skills and knowledge. The information takes a few focused minutes to review and demonstrates multiple careers for any particular path. Students get started with confidence. Other career explorers can deepen or refine choices, but InfoSurf gets everyone started regardless.

Based on government data sets, we include the most important information -- like typical degree level and approximate wage -- up front so that informed choices can be quickly evaluated. eManuals are searchable, printable PDFs with live links to O*Net profiles. Bundles available.

Research here: Career Exploration Tools

Your Problem: You thought you bought a Porsche of a sales system and what's installed is a kit to a Porsche that you don't know how to put together.

Our Solution: Through short-term consulting, we learn your system, translate the issues to the technicians you've paid to support you, and train your staff so that you can gain the full benefit you expected.

Some examples of very typical and easily avoidable implementation issues that cause major headaches we can help you solve:

  • Issue: Package codes and companion PLUs are imported as separate codes. Duplicates make searching at checkout difficult to get right, price/cost must happen in two places to get right at the register.
  • Solution: Import PLUs as main codes, add package codes as alternates.
  • Issue: Flipchart defaults don't include prices or brands, so finding the right brand of a common item is impossible.
  • Solution: Add brand names and active prices on the flipchart templates.
  • Issue: Customer lists are imported without discussing where data will display in new system, suddenly you can't find your customers.
  • Solution: Careful review of fields before implementation is all it takes, usually in a single discussion.
//Contact us about your project//

Initial consult is $300, but when InfoSurf is brought in before the new system goes live, that's often all you need. Call or email us today.

Your Problem: I need a job, but I don't know what I can do.

Our Solution: Get started here with a quick scan of options regardless of where you are in your career arc. You can see what you might do today and where you might go in the future.

Our Options-based Career Explorer eBooks will help you find many more options.

Your Problem: You were chosen for leadership because of your knowledge and field experience. You never thought statistics and data analytics were going to run, sometimes ruin, your days.

Our Solution: We will teach you to understand your data in short order. We will use the tools you already have to show you how to dive deeply and surf broadly over the information you must master to make your decisions effective.

Interactive Research Example: Out of a career development project, InfoSurf's Career Explorers were born: easy-to-use, fast online tools and low cost eBooks that show the *many* work options anyone has, regardless of where one's career arc stands at that moment.

The InfoSurf Collective is dedicated to freeing data for the betterment of human kind. Typically, we can do that in your data world that with just a small investment of your time and focus.

As a society, the better we understand the numbers that run our lives, the better our lives become.

//Contact us about your project//

We specialize in very short-term contracts with limited time from you or your staff. Download a contract template for how pricing works.

Let us help you surf your oceans of data!

We offer statistical and scientific consulting that allows you to keep your projects on track: grant writing, peer reviews, research coordination and review, producing textbook material, second opinions and review on experiment process, outcomes, and data modeling. You will love collaborating!

//Contact us about your project//

Download contract template for pricing structure.

//OUR Mission//

Imagine if you and your staff felt capable of “fast surfing, broad scanning, deep diving…”  information sources you depend on. We can help you get there.

When you use InfoSurf Consulting products, know that you are educating yourself to understand the sources of information so that one day, if you desire, you will be able to understand the information without the need for any outside party’s expertise.

When you purchase InfoSurf Consulting products and services, you are directly supporting a small staff of committed experts who wish to free information by mentoring customers to surf their own oceans of data more effectively and, ideally, independently.

 InfoSurf Consulting is a collective of scientists and data analysts who believe that data needs to be freed for the betterment of human kind.

//SBA Credentials & CApaBilities//

Business Name: InfoSurf Consulting, LLC

UEI: NNFCT5W17F41     ::    CAGE: 8FBJ1

Key NAICS Codes:

  • 541611: Strategic Management Consulting Driven By Your Data
  • 541511: Web Page Design Services, Custom
  • 611710: Career Counseling Tools for Advisors and Guidance Counselors


Basic Consulting Agreement:  [Contract Template]

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